Primary Schools Swimming Sports

Please note throughout this week 12/02/2018-16/02/2018 the main and learners pool availability will be affected by primary schools swimming sports.

Please contact reception for more details.


Swim Canterbury West Coast Junior Swim Meet

Sat 27th an & Sun 28th Jan

The Main Pool and Learners Pool will be closed to the public for the below times for the Swim Canterbury West Coast Junior Championships held at EANC this Saturday and Sunday.  Outside of the below times the pools will be available to the public.  There will be no inflatable up in the Main Pool on Saturday however it will be back up and running on Sunday at 2pm – 4pm.  However the Learners Pool inflatable will be up on both Saturday and Sunday usual time 1.30m – 3.30pm.

Sat 27th January            8am – 12noon & 3pm – 7pm      

Sun 28th January           8am – 1pm                                

Thank you,

EANC Staff

2017/2018 Christmas Holiday Hours

24th December – 7am - 3pm

25th December - Closed

26th December - 10am - 5pm

27th December  - 6am - 5pm

28th December - 6am - 5pm

29th December - 6am - 5pm

30th December - 7am - 7pm

31st December  - 7am - 3pm

1st January - Closed

2nd January - 10am - 5pm

3rd January - Normal Hours resume



Upcoming Events

Sunday 1 October – Sunday 31 December 2017

1 Oct                   Couples for Christ Booking                   9am – 3pm                       x2 Courts

2 - 6 October      Sport Canty Holiday Programme           9am – 3pm                      1-2 Courts Stadium

3 - 5 October      Sport Canty Holiday Programme           1pm – 2.30pm                  General Pool Swim

7 Oct               Leana de Bruin Netball Clinic                    9am – 3pm                       x1 Court

12 Oct             Fun Swim – Base Holiday Programme     1.30pm – 5.30pm              Pool      

14 Oct             Basketball NZ Training Camp                    8.30am – 7pm                  Stadium

15 Oct             Basketball NZ Training Camp                    8.30am – 3.3pm               Stadium

15 Oct             Mid Canty Futsal Exhibition Tournament          4pm – 7.30pm           x2 Courts

23 Oct             Faith & Love Church Group                          10am – 5pm                   Stadium

27 Oct             Fun Swim - Ashburton Borough School        11.30 – 1.30pm              Pool

31 Oct             Ashburton New Life Youth Sports                 6pm – 8.30pm                x2 Courts

14 Dec             Ashburton Borough School Assembly         12noon – 3pm                 Stadium

Regular Bookings Term Four 2017

Monday Evening Stadium – EANC 4-a-side Indoor Touch

Tuesday Evening X2 Courts – Mid Canterbury Badminton

Wednesday Evening Stadium – Mid Canterbury Netball Summer League Netball Competition

Sunday Evening Stadium – Mid Canterbury Futsal Competition 


Happy 1st Birthday EA Networks Centre!

With the EA Networks Centre celebrating its first anniversary on 10 May 2016, we went to talk to the personalities who make this centre so special. So here is the four and last EA Networks Centre member profile in our series of ‘Faces of the EA Networks Centre.’ 

Lisa Bird – Gym goer and Mountaineer Extraordinaire

Lisa Bird loves a challenge. It’s one of the reasons behind her religious attendance at the gym and fitness classes at the EA Networks Centre. “I go four to five times a week. Rival and Grit Strength are my favourites. They’re torture – but I love them.” The other reason is to train for the many grueling adventures she has completed in the last few years: “I sometimes think there’s something wrong with me” she laughs.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro during her travels in Tanzania was one such adventure; and at almost 6,000 metres high, that’s no mean feat. “It’s the highest free standing mountain in the world and it took seven days to climb, so it was a pretty big accomplishment” Lisa says. “Being at the top and knowing what you’d just achieved … it’s hard to put into words just how good that felt.” Doing it with her friend Amanda, an ex-pat Ashburtonian, whom shares her passion for fitness, made the experience even more memorable. The pair have also completed the 36 kilometre Abel Tasman Coastal Classic trail run together, as well as several marathons.

Lisa took up road running at the age of 30, before joining a gym and says she’s never looked back. The facilities at the EA Networks Centre, she says, are the best she’s ever used. “It’s state of the art. Everything’s brand new and clean. The equipment’s second to none – it makes it pretty easy to keep coming back.”

As a full time pharmacy technician, it’s hard to see how she has the energy for it all. She credits the staff at the EA Networks Centre for helping to keep her motivated. “It’s the staff that really make the gym what it is. Everyday they inspire you; push you that little bit further to keep you challenging yourself.”

As for the next adventure, there’s nothing currently on Lisa’s calendar, although she’s certain “something will come up.”

With the EA Networks Centre celebrating its first anniversary on 10 May, we went to talk to the personalities who make this centre so special. So here is the third in our series of ‘Faces of the EA Networks Centre.’

Ellis Buchannan – Masters Swimmer

For 88-year-old Ellis Buchannan, age is just a number. Just like the 20 laps he swims three to four times a week in the brand new EA Networks lap pool. Or the numerous races he used to swim in as an age group representative in his younger years.

From learning to swim at Ashburton Borough School as a kid, to becoming one of the oldest Masters Swimmers at the EA Networks Centre, it’s been hard to get Ellis out of the pool in the last 80 plus years.

“I used to be competitive,” he says “but now I swim for my health. I find it very relaxing.”

Ellis still remembers racing in outdoor pools at Hampstead, Ashburton Borough, and Allenton Schools as a boy.  “In those days they were all outdoor pools – and they were all reasonably cold too,” he laughs. “Back then, races weren’t like they are now. Your age would dictate when you started – the younger ones first and so on. Seeing the young ones turn at the other end of the pool before you’d even started – that was always pretty demoralising.”

Ellis’ racing days aren’t behind him yet though. He is preparing for the Masters Games to be held at the EA Networks Centre in August. Although he insists that winning is not a priority.

“It’s not a race – it’s about being there and sharing the experience with a great group of people. I don’t mind having a five second spell at the end of each lap when I’m in the pool and you can’t do that in competitions. So I wouldn’t say I’m training so much as staying regular.”

While Ellis may not carry the same competitive drive that he had in his youth, his love of the water remains strong. In fact, since the EA Networks Centre opened almost a year ago, Ellis is loving his time in the pool more than ever.

“The new facilities and amenities are absolutely brilliant – the water’s warm and there’s always a spare lane available. We’re so lucky in Ashburton to have such a great complex.” 

Even changing from the 331/3 metre lengths at the old Community Pool to the 25 metre laps at the EA Network Centres’ new pool hasn’t fazed him. Because for Ellis, it’s just a number after all.

With the EA Networks Centre celebrating it’s first anniversary on 10 May, we’ve talked to a few of the personalities who make this centre so special. So here is the second in our series of ‘Faces of the EA Networks Centre.’

Colleen Lindsay – President of Ashburton Special Olympics

Colleen Lindsay isn’t the type of person to talk about herself. Between duties as President of Ashburton Special Olympics and her involvement with Mid-Canterbury basketball administration, the 75 year-old doesn’t have the time, even if she was.

A love of sport has been with Colleen since she was young. She was a competitive basketball player from age 14, winning awards from Basketball New Zealand. She has also been involved in basketball administration for 57 years.

She says the international Tall Ferns vs Japan game played at the EA Networks Stadium in August last year remains a real highlight for her. “It was just brilliant having that kind of quality match here in Ashburton and it wouldn’t have happened without the beautiful new stadium we have.” Colleen was an official scorer for the game. “Don’t worry, I was very fair” she laughs.

For the past eight years, Colleen has been working with Ashburton Special Olympics as a jack of all trades. “I help run events – like the swimming that takes place here at EA Networks.  I coach Bocce, which is a mix between bowls and petanque. I drive them to events … a bit of everything really. They’re a great bunch – I really like it.”

Now as President of Ashburton Special Olympics, Colleen is looking forward to August when the EA Networks Centre will play host to the Special Olympics Basketball tournament. With more than 100 players participating in teams from right across the country, she says it’s a big deal for Ashburton – and a bigger deal for those involved in the tournament. “For these kids to be able to use facilities that are internationally recognised … well, what a great opportunity. And it’s just another great event that we wouldn’t be able to have here without the new stadium.”

Despite her busy life, Colleen still manages to squeeze in a kilometre swim three to four times a week in the EA Networks lap pool. “I do it because I can” she says.

With the EA Networks Centre celebrating it’s first anniversary on 10 May, we wanted to talk to the personalities who make this centre so special. So here is the first in our series of ‘Faces of the EA Networks Centre.’

Bev Stevens - Learn to Swim Tutor

Having been a Learn to Swim tutor for more than 26 years, it’s hard to put a figure on exactly how many students Bev Stevens has taught: “I don’t want to think – it makes me feel ancient” she laughs.

Suffice to say she’s seen a few faces and spent countless hours in the pool encouraging children to enjoy the water as much as she does. And with the brand new learn to swim pool at EA Networks Centre, she says she has a great working environment:

“The pool’s so warm I could stay in all day – it’s a lovely place to work. And the children love it too.”

First starting as a Lifeguard, then becoming a volunteer with the Mothers and Tots classes, and then on to her current role at the EA Networks Centre, you can guarantee Bev has some great stories to tell. “You do hear some funny things” she says.

“There’s this one story I’ll always remember. There used to be these slides at the Old Community pool. One student refused to slide down without his mum holding his hand. So I’m there at the bottom ready to catch him, but when he gets to the bottom he forgets to let Mum’s hand go. She went straight into the pool with him.”

Bev said the thing she loves most about teaching is seeing people achieve and progress, especially those who are afraid of the water: “When you see them go underwater for the first time … it’s just a really great feeling.”

“It’s more than just teaching them an important skill. I’ve had the privilege of being part of the lives of these families and I’m proud I could have a positive influence. Now after 26 years, I’m starting to teach the children of the students I taught all those years ago. There was this wee kid a few weeks ago … she looked so much like her mother – who I taught to swim years ago – that I accidently called her by the mother’s name.”

It’s comforting for Bev to know that some things will never change, although the opening of the EA Networks Centre has been a welcome improvement to her working life.

“I’m lucky enough to get to use these incredible new facilities. It makes it pretty easy to come to work.”

Free swims at EA Networks Centre for first anniversary

Celebrate the EA Networks Centre’s first anniversary with a free swim!

On 10 May 2016, the EA Networks Centre will have been open for one year. In that time, more than 300,000 people have been through the centre to use the four pools, spa, sauna, indoor courts and gym, and to take part in group fitness classes.

To celebrate the anniversary, people are invited to swim for free on Sunday 8 May between 9am and 12pm. There will be giveaways, fun challenges and spot prizes during the Open Morning.

Ashburton Mayor Angus McKay said the event was not only a celebration but also a thank you to the community, which has shown fantastic support for the EA Networks Centre in its first year.

“From selling more than 550 tickets to the Women’s Tall Ferns v Japan basketball game, to adding more group fitness classes, it’s clear that people have made the centre a regular part of their lives.”

Mr McKay said it was great to see that the facility’s popularity had extended to outside the district as well, with several major sporting events being held there.

“Ashburton has proven how well it’s able to cater for international sporting events, so we are hoping that more will be added to the calendar this year,” he said.

Events that have been held at the centre include the Women’s Tall Ferns v Japan game, South Island Masters Short Course Championships, NZ Secondary Schools Netball Championship, South Island Country & Town swimming competition, and the Tactix v Southern Steel pre-season match.

The EA Networks Centre was officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister Bill English on 9 May 2015 and opened to the public the next day. Construction of the state-of-the-art, 8000m2 building began in October 2013.

New electronic blinds keep parents cool

Friday 11 December 2015

Ashburton District Council has installed new electronic blinds at the EA Networks Centre to make parents and caregivers more comfortable while they watch their children in the leisure pool.

EA Networks Centre manager Steve Prescott said on sunny days, the temperature beside the pool was becoming almost unbearable for anyone watching people swim, including the Centre’s lifeguards.

The new blinds adjust according to the sun and wind. “If it gets too sunny, the blinds come down automatically and cut out a lot of the heat and glare,” Mr Prescott said.

“We’re getting heaps of positive feedback about them and how much nicer they have made the pool area.”

EA Networks Centre staff are also enjoying the fact that the blinds adjust automatically as they are spending less time checking the pool environment.

“It's a win-win for everybody,” Mr Prescott said.


Lift allows everyone to enjoy spa pool

Wednesday 11 November 2015

The spa pool at EA Networks Centre can now be enjoyed by all following the installation of a lift.

Until now, the spa pool has not been accessible for disabled people however the new lift enables them to get in and out of the pool safely, easily and independently.

Council’s Sports Facility Manager Steve Prescott says the lift – which has come from the United States - is a welcome addition to the new sports and recreation centre.

“The lift gives those who can’t walk up the stairs the ability to use the popular pool just like everyone else,” he says.

“We have tested it out a few times in the past couple of days and now it’s just waiting to be used.”

The lift is operated with a remote control, either by a lifeguard or the person using it to get in and out of the pool.