Facility Rules

EA Networks Centre is a non-smoking venue, including all outdoor areas.

To help make sure you have a safe and enjoyable time while you are visiting our Centre, please adhere to our rules below:

Pool Rules

  • Children under 8 years must be actively supervised (able to provide immediate assistance) at all times by a caregiver aged 16 years or over
  • Children under 5 years must be actively supervised (able to provide immediate assistance) in the water and within arm's reach of a caregiver aged 16 years and over at all times
  • Steam Room and Spa Pool can be used by those 16 years and over only. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition or high blood pressure you are unable to use the Steam Room or Spa Pool.
  • Running, flips or bombs, hard balls, pulling or leaning on lanes rope, glassware or crockery are strictly prohibited in the pool area.
  • Diving Boards are for the use of Squad and Learn to Swim only
  • Respect other patrons at all times
  • No food poolside
  • Photography is strictly prohibited in the pool area. Official approval must be sought by the Centre before cameras (digital, video or mobile phone) are brought into our facility. Official approval must be sought by EA Networks staff in order to gain a filming permit

Gym Rules

  • You must be 14 years or over to use the gym facility
  • Customers must follow the advice and guidance of Gym staff; failure to comply with this could result in you being asked to leave the facility
  • Customers must carry their own sweat towel and wipe down the equipment after use
  • Gym staff may request proof of payment or membership at any time and have the right to refuse entry
  • Correct footwear must be worn at all times, toes must be enclosed
  • Appropriate gym clothing must be worn at all times
  • Free weights must be returned to the weight tree or rack after use
  • Be considerate of others whilst using the Gym facilities
  • Customers must read and complete the 'PARQ Form' (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) and inform the gym instructor of any health issues that may affect their ability to exercise.
  • When attending the gym you must swipe your card, even if the door is already open.

Group Fitness Class Rules

  • All gym classes are booked through a booking system. To book your spot click here. You need your Card ID which is on the back of your membership card and your pin (you should have received an email with your pin number after you joined).
  • Please respect other customers could be waiting for your spot in class, if you are unable to attend you must cancel and you have up to 15 minutes before class to do this.
  • You must swipe your card each time you attend a class, this records your attendance.
  • Due to high demand for class space if you have booked a spot and do not attend three times a $15 charge will be added to your account. If this occurs again then you will be unable to book for 30 days.

General Rules

  • Patrons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted into EA Networks Centre
  • An attempt to gain entry without paying will result in prosecution
  • Alcohol, drugs, glass objects or knives cannot be brought into the Centre
  • Visitors’ bags may be searched at any time if a person(s) is suspected of trying to bring objects into the Centre which are not permitted
  • Anyone who is obnoxious, or whose behaviour is abusive or offensive will have to leave the Centre immediately
  • Patrons must always obey lifeguards’ instructions
  • Patrons need to ensure bags do not block emergency exits
  • Patrons are asked not to drop litter.  Please use the rubbish bins provided
  • Patrons are responsible for their valuables. EA Networks Centre accepts no responsibility for stolen or lost belongings
  • Management reserves the right to refuse entry. Refusal to comply with our facility rules may result in removal from the Centre.