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New Zealand is an island nation. We are always close to a beach, river, lake or stream and a lot of our recreational activities are water-based. Being able to swim will ensure that you or your child can safely be part of the fun.

We believe that the lower levels are the best time to teach and enforce the correct technique. If a child practices a skill wrong they will learn bad habits. We have our students swim short distances so we can give them feedback and ensure they are practicing the skills correctly.

We do not provide make up lessons. Credits may be given if a lesson is missed through medical reasons. A medical certificate is required. Refunds will not be given if you cancel your lessons however we can hold this as a credit for future lessons. A cancellation fee will apply.

Every child is different and progresses at a different rate. Try not to compare your child to others or even to other siblings. If you have concerns about your child’s progress please call the Swim school supervisor.

We do our best to keep the child’s tutor consistent where possible however we cannot foresee illness or staff moving on.

Absolutely! Children who swim throughout the year progress faster than those who don’t. As with any skill if you stop practicing you sometimes need time to revise skills previously learnt when you start back. Keep this in mind when taking a break just after your child has gone up a level.

  • Having the first option when it comes to the warmer terms
  • The pool is still a warm environment
  • Increased fitness and wellbeing means your child is more resilient to illness (Learn more)

Firstly talk to your child’s tutor. As they are seeing your child every week they will be able to give you specific feedback about what your child needs to work on.

If you wish to speak to the Swim School Supervisor please ask. If available she will speak with you or feel free to call or email.

To keep up to date with your child’s progress you can also log in to Home Portal. This shows the goals that your child is working on and where they are on each one. Instructions to this can be found on our website.

As long as you top up your fees before the last paid session you space is confirmed. You can do this at the front desk. You will receive emails when you are getting close to needing to top up so make sure you keep an eye out for these. Home Portal will also tell you how many sessions you have left.

We require you to top up a minimum of 4 sessions so you don’t have to top up the whole term at once. Payment is required before you will be able to get through to your lessons.

Please call the Swim School Manager to help you with this. If your child has done lessons through school their details may be in the system. If they have not had any lessons at all we can arrange a time to do a quick assessment free of charge. Throughout your lessons your child will be constantly assessed by the tutor.