Preschool Classes (3 - 5 Years)

Our preschool lessons are really beneficial in helping your child onto the right pathway for Learn to Swim lessons. We have found that when they start swimming early, they progress a lot quicker! These lessons also help develop the child’s social and developmental skills. The classes are small in size, with a maximum of three children per tutor which is great for attending to your child’s specific needs. These are held mostly in the mornings but we do have some after school preschool classes as well.

Level 1: Tiny Tadpoles                                      

Focus of classes:

  • Safe entry and exit
  • Water confidence and Submerge and blowing bubbles (5 seconds)
  • Float assisted front and back

Level 2: Sea Horses                                                          

Focus of classes:

  • Float/Gilde unassisted front and back
  • Streamlined kick front and back 5m      
  • Horizontal rotation

Level 3: Hermit crabs                             

Focus of classes:

  • Freestyle arm action on front with kick (5 arms at least)                                     
  • Backstroke arms with kick
  • Breaststroke legs on back