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Water Safety

EA Networks Centre follows strict guidelines set out by Water Safety New Zealand and the New Zealand Recreation Association.

To help make sure you and your family enjoy your time at our Centre and stay safe, please make sure you follow our Pool Safe Policy guidelines:

Pool Alone

  • Parents need to adhere to EA Network Centre's supervision policy of:
    • Children under 5 must be supervised by an adult and be within arms-reach at all times
    • Children under 8 must also be actively supervised by a parent or guardian who is over the age of 16
    • If the supervision of your child is not deemed to be sufficient you may be asked to leave the Centre
  • No running. Walking at all times
  • Reckless behaviour is prohibited
  • Ball games are not advised
  • Please listen to, and adhere to lifeguards’ requests
  • Lane etiquette: please stay close to the lane whilst swimming and be mindful of the speed that you are swimming as there are lanes for all speeds
  • Check the depth of pool before entering
  • Non-swimmers - do not go over your depth. Stay clear of deep water unless you are a confident swimmer.

Active Supervision