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Facilities & Services

Gym room

This room provides you with all the of cardio machines you could ask for, simulating everything from running to riding and even kayaking. For your strength there are a wide variety of weight machines and free weights.

  • At all times there are Fitness Instructors on the floor, ready to assist you in your workout, from doing an assessment, writing you a programme or just motivating you through that last rep
  • Top of the range televisions and music will be available to help the time pass as you cover the distance
  • If you need an extra push then we have Personal Trainers ready to provide this - they will stay with you through your workout to help keep you focused, using right technique and pushing you to the last moment
  • Challenges: throughout the year we will provide the chance to train as a group or individual to complete a goal, such as running a half or full marathon or completing a multisport event