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The Stadium has four indoor courts catering to a large range of sports. On any given day you may find netball, basketball, futsal, badminton, volleyball, tennis or a range of other sports being played in our international-grade facility.  The stadium is available for casual court hire for those who are walk in customers.

4x Netball Courts
4x Basketball Courts
4x Futsal Courts
2x Volleyball Courts
2x Tennis Courts
8x Badminton Courts

  • Casual Walk In Customer (dependent on availability and you maybe required to share a court with other users) - $4.50
  • Single Court  (peak time)- $48.00 per hour
  • Single Court (off peak Mon-Fri 6am -3pm) - $34.00 per hour

Please Note - for large scale tournaments, events and corporate functions the pricing structure will vary and is negotiable.  To make an enquiry please complete this form or email our team at


There are two outdoor courts available for the public to use free of charge at anytime unless they have been specifically booked. Costs associated with booking an outdoor court are as follows:

  • Single Outdoor Court - $10.00 per hour
  • Single Outdoor Court with Lights - $20.00 per hour


The EA Networks Centre is home to a 956 retractable concertina grandstand ideal for school assemblies & prize-givings, sports tournaments, conferences & presentations and much more. With an additional 120 permanent court side seats opposite the concertina grandstand it makes for a fantastic centre court atmosphere!


For bookings please complete our booking enquiry form or phone 03 3084020.