Q. Can a child under 8 years of age use the pool without parent/caregiver supervision?

A. No. It is the law that children must be accompanied by a responsible caregiver over the age of 16 years. Children under 8 years must be actively supervised by a parent/caregiver. Under 5 years must be within arm’s length of their parent/caregiver at all times.


Q. What is the percentage of chlorine in the pool water?

A. The chlorine in our pools is made on-site at the pool and its strength is only 1%.


Q. How are germs killed in the pool water?

A. As well as chlorine use, the pool water passes through an ultraviolet process which will eliminate most micro-organisms in the pool.


Q. Should I shower before I enter the pool?

A. Yes, because it helps eliminate contaminations entering the pool water.


Q. Should I advise staff I have a medical condition?

A. Yes, it is important that you advise our staff  if you have a medical condition (swimmers or gym members) so that staff can cater for your needs and will be aware if assistance is required.


Q. What should babies and pre-schoolers wear in the pool?

A. Please ensure they have a swimming nappy on if they are still in nappies or fitted pants. Nappy changes to be done in the change rooms please and children are advised to use the bathroom before starting their swimming lesson. Nappies need to be put in the bins provided.