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Waterbabies and Pre-School Age Classes

ProgrammeAgeLength Max no. of SwimmersTimes
Water Babies

6 Months - 3 Years

25 minutes

8 per class

(Parent in water)

Weekdays; Between 9 - 10.40am

Saturdays: Between 9 - 12pm

Under 5s

3-5 Years

20 minutes

3 per class

(Parent out of water)

Weekdays; Between 9 - 10.40am

Saturdays: Between 9 - 12pm

Limited classes on Weekdays between 3.45 - 5.15pm


Our waterbabies programme is all about familiarising children with water and at the same time helping improve their overall development. Every activity has a purpose, including improving:

  • Balance and stability
  • Body orientation
  • Language
  • Fine and gross motor skills

As well as improving all of these essential development milestones, the programme provides for one-on-one time with your child. This is especially important if your child has other siblings because it promotes quality time with them as an individual - your attention is solely focused on your child while he/she is in the water with you! These classes are also great for developing your child’s social skills and also gives you the chance to meet other mums and dads!

The classes involve lots of songs, activities, fun and splashing so be prepared to get your hair wet!

Parents are required in the water and there is a max of 8 parents and babies in a class.

Our Waterbabies Levels:

-Spratz = 6-12months

-Jellyfish = 12-24 months

-Tricky Turtles = 2-3 years

Waterbaby FAQ

Absolutely - you can bring you baby swimming any time from birth (Learn more) however our lessons start from 6 months old. By starting at this age allows you as a parent time to develop the skills and confidence in handling your baby in an aquatic environment. They have also generally developed good neck control which makes the lessons a lot easier.

As well as confidence in the water and water safety skills swimming lessons will also help your baby develop balance, hand eye coordination, language, body orientation, fine and gross motor skills and social skills. It is also a great opportunity to help develop your babies Emotional development as it allows time for parent child one on one time. The skin to skin contact required in these lessons is great for this.

It is best to try and fit around your babies sleep routine. Booking a time that is normally when your child would be sleeping in some cases can be disrupting for them.

Preschool Classes (3 - 5 Years)

Our preschool lessons are really beneficial in helping your child onto the right pathway for Learn to Swim lessons. We have found that when they start swimming early, they progress a lot quicker! These lessons also help develop the child’s social and developmental skills. The classes are small in size, with a maximum of three children per tutor which is great for attending to your child’s specific needs. These are held mostly in the mornings but we do have some after school preschool classes as well.

Focus of classes:

  • Safe entry and exit
  • Water confidence and Submerge and blowing bubbles (5 seconds)
  • Float assisted front and back

Focus of classes:

  • Float/Gilde unassisted front and back
  • Streamlined kick front and back 5m
  • Horizontal rotation

Focus of classes:

  • Freestyle arm action on front with kick (5 arms at least)
  • Backstroke arms with kick
  • Breaststroke legs on back

Recommended reading:

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Cognitive Benefits

Social Benefits